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paul Howe

  • UbicaciónMánchester, Reino Unido
  • Teléfono0161 684 8684
  • Móvil07525813020
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  • Mánchester, Reino Unido

Firstly, I am not fat, old or ugly, I don't need a camera to attract women. So you are safe! I just want to make art, and drink whiskey. And the like. I say this because I have seen other photographers comments and they are weird, I am just a normal 26 year old lad who works as a designer and wants to do this for a hobby. I will never pay people to be involved, but then I would never expect anyone to pay me either. Appreciate it is not to everyones taste, the stuff I do, but if it is then that's good, I like enthusiasm and interest and desire to experiment. I am not looking for a date or anything like that, you can bring whoever you want along. Basically, you pick some ideas you like, or give me some of your own, then we just crack on. If you are the sort who prefers a pint first to settle you I can meet you in a pub, if you would rather crack on I can do that too, very easy going. I will never ask you to do nude, or even topless unless you actually want to do that, I have the internet to look at naked women, and if any of my ideas do involve nudity they are just thrown in there in case that is your bag. Let me know if you are interested, I will copy in my ideas below. Thanks Got loads of ideas, I want to do some photography work based on my ideas below. I want to do lots of photoshop work on them so they are surreal and powerful. These are my ideas so far, if they don't make sense, ask, I will explain or show samples! ********************************************************** NEWEST IDEAS In a really narrow alley, in 'going out' dress, on floor all messy but between you and the camera, low angle, Crime Scene Do Not Enter tape in a cross, out of focus, focusing on you. Behind the counter in a seedy, red dim lit porn shop looking all sultry. In a brides dress in a bridal shop window like a mannequin Forehead leaning on brick wall, side profile water pouring over your face close up In an apartment block, old staircase, you lying on the floor at bottom, me several stories high zooming in through the gap In front of height chart looking all messy, holding name card up like a sexy criminal ********************************************************** Burlesque style on an old chair but I put it onto a playing card then take a photo of the card on a dark table Led on an old tiled floor in black underwear, or red, with old records round you, some broken In an old cafe smoking, like a rough bird who just had a one night stand and is on the walk of shame home in the morning Leaning forward out of an old chair with a big glass of whiskey, and a fag in a mans shirt and underwear Really over exposed on a black background with you all in white and big black shades Ina dirty, grungy bar/club, on your knees with just knickers on bent over to lick a turntable on a vintage table Stood like you are dancing with electricity flowing all round you Sat on a tree that has fallen over some mountains (obviously that is photoshopped), in a dress, barefoot, facing sideways, opposite myself doing the same, in the pouring rain Knelt down in a vest and knickers, with a shadow of you that turns into music motes and bright floral patterns as you hold your hands over your ears looking up Outside an old phone box, under a street light looking like a dirty hooker Shot of you in my shed, red lights, candles, I am looking through the net window at you like a small brothel type thing Shot of you performing a leap, like a ballet dancer on a light background but with motion, of splattered 'you'. Hard to describe, will look amazing Side profile silhouette with you smoking with shades on with a red tint Shot from above led on big wood floor with black underwear smoking, led like you are utterly wasted, empty bottles, ashtray etc lying round Same as above but with me led there too collapsed and drunk A big fire, bright flames, but the centre is a silhouette of you Sat on a white back drop in striped socks, hot pants, hair in pigtails, smiling with a knife in your hand with me out of focus in the background with blood running down. Looking into a mirror, seeing you all fucked up, dying, really fucked but the person stood infront of the mirror looks amazing. So that it symbolises that people aren't as bad as they look and need to realise. A dressed up woman restrained on a bed/chair, tears smudging her eye makeup, with the room all messed up Someone behind bars screaming but in the shot is the door, which is wide open Two images of the same person, one in a straight jacket and gagged, the other cowering on the floor in a white dress A young woman craddling a teddy or an old kids dress or something, sat in a corner all under exposed but in the shadows she is looking into, something has left her In an alley, you chained to one wall, me to the other, trying to stretch to reach each other, with the smallest of gaps between our faces because we can't quite reach Sat with a torn, cloth white dress on surrounded by different sized long burnt candles holding a needle to your arm Stood all made up in a back street, one hand on hip, black and white except shoes and details on dress, and beads round neck, holding a gun in the other with me led in the background crumples against the wall staring 'dead' in to the camera with bright white eyes Sat on a staircase, like crumpled in the corner with a message written on the wall in lipstick smeared where you fell One on the bed in black underwear, all blurred on out of focus as you move really fast in a frenzy to create streams of black Stood looking to the heavens with a black background and streams of light running over your face In a busy street, stood a bit away, looking at the lens, then I make everything black and white, all the people except you. Sat in a corner of a dark room praying with faries around you Wet through, head down, staring in to the lense and I will texture your skin with dead leaves Stood in an alley at night with that yellow street light glow, then in the shadow of you I would put lots of images telling a story of the shadows Stood against the wall naked (I wouldn't see as itd be a shadow) upright and then I black all of you out and have a ghost figure (you again) standing nose to nose for total contrast In the alley, grey one during the day, you in coloured dress dancing creating streams of colour. In a back garden with a white dress and barefeet staring in to the camera deep and I add a ghost like glow Cupping your hands blowing on it and I will put roses that are turning to stone as you touch them Lying on your side looking scared in leaves Stood a gainst a wall looking sideways and I draw on some graphics that you are lookin at Foot on a chair pulling up a stocking, very dark with deep reds in Stood next to a neon light with heels and a skirt on Biting a cherry, mega zoomed in but only the fruit, lips and eyes in colour Handcuffed and blinfolded in an elegant dress with smudged lipstick Holding a knife against your throat with your eyes staring in to the lense In a park as the sun is going down so the light is dim and you are swinging, slow shutter speed for a drag effect and I add colour later In a pub toilet imitating drug use but very angled and over-exposed Black n white side profile focusing on the lips and exposed neck but I then place a tattoo in red 'ink' on to the neck Black and white shot led down with an arched back holding a red rose at your side Looking in a mirror, strong make-up, obviously with a reflection but hand against it like you were wiping condensation off then I actually erase from the head down to where your hand is in the mirror Same as above but instead of erasing it, have you in the same clothes but not made up at all Black and white, apart from some strong make-up, kissing yourself, in a sensual way, not just petting, kind of sideways 'snogging' although I hate that word. Sat with your legs crossed on a floor, naked (not really I would re-draw it), wit wings like a fallen fairy in a dark place Zoomed in on eyes, me filling the eyes with messed up images telling a story Stood in front of a mirror all dressed up, but your hand wipes away your reflection like it is condensation Big dark room, led in the bath with water over-flowing but it is deep red Chained to a wall, screaming as you break free Stood sideways blowing red rose petals out your hand as they move up they turn to red butterflies Looking in to the camera, black and white, very dark image, crying blood Looking to the side with a scar across the cheek, some sort of message Got a few more but can't remember them.

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