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Quique Mañas

Phone number is wrong, don't want it to be public. Contact me by message, please. Enrique Mañas de la Mota. Currently studying Advertising and Public Relations at UMA, double prize winner in Combocarte V (winner of Blog category and awarded in Photography) and part-time freelance photographer. He has carried out two individual photographic exhibitions at "Ilustrísimo Colegio Oficial de Médicos de la Provincia de Málaga" and at "Colegio Oficial de Abogados de Málaga" in 2012, and has participated in a third one in exhibition space "Galería Central". Self-taught. He started his way in photography in 2008 Summer, when he got his first digital reflex camera. After trying different styles, he finally specialized at portrait, artistic and fashion photography. He currently works as freelance part-time photographer and for agencies as Target Models and Group Exclusive.

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