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  • UbicaciónMoscú, Rusia
  • Teléfono8 (499) 251 1680
  • Móvil8 (926) 523 882
  • Página webRomaMilova sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Moscú, Rusia

My name is RomaMilova, 23 years old, and I'm photographer from Moscow. I'm a diplomised specialist in theory of Fashion and Fashion photography. In University I was specialized in cultural studies - "representation of anorexic body in fashion photography" (my Essay was about fashion campaign of Calvin Klein 1990s) After graduation started to shoot Model tests for Russian and European model agencies. To see my works, U're welcome to visit my website - www.romamilova.com I'm searching for an agency to promote me as a fashion photographer. Any variants of cooperation are interesting for me. Thanks for Your attention With regards, RomaMilova

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