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Fotógrafo Birmingham, United States
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Sobre mí

My interest in various forms of art has been in me since I remember at 6 years old. The training I have in photography started in college. There are natural and a learned skills within my abilities in the art field of photography.

I surround myself in a creative atmosphere when it comes to life. So, when I actually am working on a project that involves the arts, the skills I have are reinforced from some other idea or work I have done previously. My skills are constantly being sharpened by my drive to create something neat and new.

Currently, I am involved in the music/entertainment industry working on promoting/marketing music artists by: shooting still photography for press kits, album covers/books, websites, fliers, etc...; and by directing/producing and filming music videos, live music shows and music artist interviews.

My goal is to thrive in the film and photography industry via music/entertainment industry by grabbing as much information and ideas as I can from various sources, be it school, text books, classes, nature and other artists or people in life situations.

My style is smooth and relaxed---but can catch a stray moment that describes itself to the individual. I have an ability to catch a personal moment in my images at times. I like to shoot from various angles to catch different 'personalities' in one stance. I really like bright color and also, tinge-dream-like shots.
Challenges in the arts is intriguing to me and I am willing to take them to see how the project turns.

I like to make things come out 'right'; the way the partners/clients intended or better. So, I work very intently.

Joining is a means for me to get more exposure within the field in which I was initially trained. I see there is a lot of people out in the modeling industry that require photographs to further their careers and I have the skills to offer many out there at a fair trade/price.

I like to contact via any communication method that is suitable to the parties involved.

If you have any wishes or need some work produced, please contact BC/BGPro!

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