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Shone Koo

  • UbicaciónBoston, Estados Unidos
  • Teléfono+34 633673073
  • Móvil+34 633673073
  • Página webShone Koo sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Boston, Estados Unidos

I'm half British Canadian, half Chinese. I speak fluent English, moderate Spanish, and Basic Mandarin. I have lived in Vancouver (Canada), Shanghai (China), Barcelona (Spain) and Boston (US). I have just come back from the States for my first semester of university at Berklee College of Music and am now currently living in Bareclona, Spain working and interning in Fashion, Media and Journalism. My primary focus has always been incorporating and excelling my experience and knowledge for Music, Photography, Film, Design, Creative Writing, and Entrepreneurship. I love networking, traveling, writing and performing.

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