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Simon Diaz

  • UbicaciónLos Ángeles, Estados Unidos
  • Teléfono956-960-0624
  • Móvil323-489-9398
  • Página webSimon Diaz sitio web

Available for work in:

  • Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos

Writer, poet, photographer, project manager... somber and sober slip into sedation; shadows surround sick of the situation; schismatic sarchasm, words of the self and sin; seduction slithers her hands across my skin. sullen spoken she subsides inside; selling secrets of salvation and suicide; a stab at sanity, strangers surround; static from the synth, we suffocate in sound. a sensual seclusion, she slowly starts to strip; soma for the senses, softly take a sip; saturate and stimulate, her lips begin to swell; saliva, sweat and sex; a sweet stale smell. succumb to the seconds of silence we share; search for a sign of a soul in her stare; sated she sighs and sucks on a smoke; swallowed in sadness in subsistence i sulk; subversive subjection a pysche not the same; sanity subdues, stained with a shame, i can't sustain..."A Serpents Hiss, A Strangers Kiss" -Simon Diaz

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