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Vasty Ram

Available for work in:

  • San Diego, Estados Unidos

vastyst.tumblr.com (travel) Photographer and Aritst/Designer with 10 years of industry experience. What began as a teenage hobby encouraged by my family is now my full time passion. I have professional experience in all aspects of photography, but I excel with Canon cameras and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom CS6, as well as Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Muse. I have been expanding my knowledge of the industry by working and learning from eccentric fashion designers, gorgeous brides, temperamental models, stylish hair and makeup artists, inspiring families, etc. I I thrive and enjoy all the stages in my work: from scouting out a location in a remote forest with wildflowers to the editing room that can swallow me up all day. I carefully craft each of my images to look aesthetically stimulating for my clients and sometimes selfishly for myself. Photography is my form of thrilling myself. But, art and design is where I go to meditate. I am skilled mostly at traditional art, but have been polishing my digital tricks with Illustrator and Flash. My favorite hue in paintings is colorful kaleidoscope or an array of vibrant and melancholic blues. My favorite mediums are acrylic, ink, watercolor, and paper. I am available for commissions on: --Personal portraits --Logo design --Branding design --Typography --Illustrations --Product design --Website design (non-coding) --Personal masterpieces I am currently working on a series of paintings called The Blue Period, inspired by Picasso's blue period. It is paintings in my favorite color depicting the saddest moments of my short life. I was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States when I was 11. I am fluent in Spanish and have two degrees in Philosophy and Biological Anthropology from UCs.

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