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Xavi Moya

Available for work in:

  • Barcelona, España

Mi pasion es el retrato de moda en exteriores. En mi mundo me gusta rodear las modelos de un paisaje que transporte al observador a la magia de una imagen sorprendente. Amo que la luz vista a la modelo y que cada disparo cuente una historia diferente Bienvenidos, espero que disfruteis tanto viendo mis imagenes como yo creandolas. Agradezco a todos los que me permiten soñar despierto! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Xavi Moya has been inmersed in the world of photography for over 30 years. His passion began thanks to his father and to a good friend of him. He carried out his project when he was 20 years old after winning an important reward of a very accepted laboratory of Barcelona. From that moment and after wandering for several universities he decided to turn his hobbie in to a profession. He is an autodidact. He started his way when the world of photography was made by films, chemicals …. Late nineties, when first digital cameras and computers with edition programs appeard, he found his vocation and he specializes in fashion and portrait. He often combines this practice with landscape photography. As he says this should be “a relaxing therapy to avoid the stress caused by fashion produccions”. His genteel and elegant work, provided of an original style, was soon published in diferent national and international fashion and landscape magazines. He is a passionate of his job and maybe because he's an autodidact as well i enjoyes teaching in several academies of Barcelona. The the viewer is transported to the Xavi Moya's vision of the world around us. He usually combines perfectly both specialities (fashion portrait and landscaping) by doing outdoors photography. He surrounds the models with a landscape that takes to the viewer to a surprising magic image. He likes to play with the light to dressing the model. He explains a diferent story with every picture. Since 3 years ago he codirects HACIDMAG, online magazine of fashion and artistic trends with the aim of give oportunities to other people. Even that, it includes editorials of important international photographers, as inspiration for others who are begining in the world of fashion photography. But, above all, Xavi Moya loves daydreaming.

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