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Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Georgia from Canada 1 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Georgia from Canada Kingston, Canada Premium
Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Denise from Argentina 2 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Denise from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nuevo rostro hombre modelo Arturo from España 3 Nuevo rostro hombre modelo Arturo from España Ribes de Freser, Spain Premium
Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Irena from Slovenia 4 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Irena from Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
Modelo Profesional hombre modelo Manuel from España 5 Modelo Profesional hombre modelo Manuel from España Valencia, Spain Premium
Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Maryem from Francia 6 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Maryem from Francia Neuilly-sur-Seine, France Premium
Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Sandrine from Francia 7 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Sandrine from Francia Toulouse, France
Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Sallyanne from Estados Unidos 8 Nuevo rostro mujer modelo Sallyanne from Estados Unidos Queens County, United States

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Models with coolest tattoos and the place of tattoos in fashion industry

History of tattooing can be traced back to prehistoric times. To date Ötzi the Iceman, who lived around 3370 and 3100 BC, is the first known man with a tattoo. Tattooing was always popular all over the world: India, Egypt, America, Mongolia, China, Middle East, but traditionally and distinctly different from nowadays, tattoos served as a sort of identification. Primarily it was used to demonstrate cultural, cast or class belonging. Today tattooing has turned into an art and tattoo - a way of self-expression and individualization.

When it comes to fashion, tattoos were not very welcome in the business until not so long ago, which means neither were tattoo models. One of todays famous British male models with tattoos Stephen James said last year: “I’ve been modeling for two and a half years, and it’s funny because I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve seen a real change in the way tattoos are perceived in the industry. When I first started working in Spain, the market was very close-minded when it came to tattoos”. This shows that men and women with tattoos have just recently began entering the fashion world. And probably the “self-expression” and “individualization” factors played its role in the changing process.

Brands always want to be special, differentiate. And tattoo models definitely help reach that goal. Additionally, men and women with nice, stylish and unusual tattoos on their bodies are eye catching, which is always an advantage when brands want to attract customers. Tattoo models are attractive for brands because they think outside the box. Usually tattoos are results of experiences of the individual, they are artistic representation of a personality. Models with tattoos are often very patient - not everyone is able to stand long tattoo creation process. They accept themselves for who they are and are not afraid to show who they are to others. They know about commitment – once you get a tattoo it is forever. They are collaborative – a person comes to a tattoo artist with an idea and they need to work as a team to bring it to life. They appreciate art as they allow art to be created on their own bodies. And those are very valuable features for the fashion industry.

But what does it take to become a tattoo model? What tips could potential tattoo models use to make their way to success?

While tattooing is gaining popularity, a number of men and women with tattoos is growing, however not all of them are real tattoo models. To get a good start as a tattoo model it is important to define your own style. Tattoo modeling is developing but it has already been well known in the fashion (and not only) business for quite a while. There are a lot of gigs for tattoo models available. Visiting those helps to find out what fits you best, what gives you an inspiration.

Secondly learn to pose. After defining your style your task is to make others see and admire it. It is good to know how the camera will capture you and your tattoos, so one can start with posing in front of a mirror. It will help to understand how to flaunt your unique features and tattooed images.

The third step is a portfolio, of course. Both for posing and making a portfolio it is valuable to know at least a bit about tattoo photography. To create a portfolio, which will be competitive on the model market, a key thing is to find a good tattoo photographer, who is aware of how to use proper equipment, technique and has photography ideas that deserve attention. While taking a picture of a tattoo model, the photographer must remember that setup and approach need to be different from photographing models with natural skin, since the pigment in the tattoo is different from skin. Tattoo should be perceived as an integral part of the model. And a task of the model here is feel at one with a tattoo and know how to show it in the best way. The last, but not the least piece of advice – use social media to promote yourself. Today it is a very influential tool when referring to publicity, which success in modeling business is a lot dependent on. After shaping yourself as a tattoo model and feeling confident show your work to the crowd!

Which kind of tattoos are the coolest for models?

There are a lot of tattoo styles known: traditional American, traditional Japanese, realism, black and gray, portraiture, illustrative, new school, biomechanical, lettering, surrealism and many more. It can be a bit confusing. How to define which one is the coolest? It is all relative. But for sure people do not choose the coolest tattoos, they make them to be the coolest. Tattoos attract attention not when it is on a paper in a tattoo salon, it impresses after it finds its “carrier”. What makes any tattoo the coolest - is a right owner. The one who understands it, feels it, is an organic whole with it and is proud to show it to the world. No matter which style it is made in. And thus, the coolest tattoo models are the ones who can make their tattoos the coolest ones. All this once again highlights importance of finding your own style. What feels natural will bring you a success in a tattoo modeling world.