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Find sexy male models online

First of all, in order to find the sexiest male models we must understand what it is to be a sexy male model today. The definition of sexy is influenced by time. What was sexy before is not necessarily sexy today. For example, not so long ago the rougher a man looked the sexier he was. Nowadays the slightly feminine looking men are considered sexy. The same is among male models. It was sexy to drink spirits in the 60s. Today protein drinks are sexier.

At we do not conceive of being sexy based on a model's physique or the canon of beauty. Our concept of being sexy is based on this definition “Sexiness is the spectrum of arts in a person's life. It's the aesthetic way of expressing the inner and outer beauty of an individual.”

How to be a sexy male model?

As mentioned above being within the ranking of the sexiest male models is not based on your looks over physique, but is more focused on attitude in front of the camera. So here’s the question: are you already a male model and want to be the sexiest one, or are you planning to get into the ranks of the sexiest male models from scratch?

If you already are a male model you are far more than halfway there. The most important thing to belong to this ranking is to have attitude, experience and a journey in the industry for several brands that allow you to express all the potential you have to become the hottest male model.

It is important because with experience you will gain everything you need to know about the industry in order to stand out from the rest. For that reason, you need to have all the material you need to be able to work with various brands and make a name for yourself in the industry.

If you have just started in the industry but you want to appear in the ranking of the sexiest male models in the future, first of all you have to: create a portfolio with a variety of photos of the photo shootings you have done and create your polaroids to be able to present them at castings.

If you already have experience in the industry and have worked with several brands, you will know that the most important thing is to have attitude and self-confidence and keep fighting for your dreams. This way, you will show everyone that you are the perfect profile of a sexy male model.

10 hottest male models in the world

Any site or publication can come up with different sexy male models lists. But for sure there are some certain requirements for male models to be considered the sexiest when it comes to the fashion industry.

The most important requirement to be part of this list of sexy male models is to have an attitude in front of the camera. On the other hand, there are different photo shoot styles that can help the model to look like the hottest male model. For example modeling for underwear, fragrance or swimwear campaigns can help the model to achieve this sexy look.

Here is the ranking of the hottest male models of all time:

  • David Gandy
  • Oliver Cherise
  • Johannes Huebl
  • Sean O’Pry
  • Brett Morse
  • Billy Huxley
  • Jon Kortajarena
  • Marlon Teixera
  • Orcin G
  • Alex Frankel
  • How to book sexy male models online?

    Would you like to book sexy male models? Use the platform which allows you to connect and work with models from all around the world. Use the filters the platform has to find exactly what you are looking for.

    Thanks to this platform you will be able to search and book sexy males models through a wide variety of profiles in the modeling industry.

    Find the hottest male model you are looking for and start your next project.

    Sexy male underwear models

    When we refer to sexy male underwear models, we can't help but think of brands like Calvin Klein. This brand has always worked with unknown and well-known models, actors, singers, etc. Despite the fact that we always think of sculpted bodies when we think of a sexy male underwear model Calvin Klein has also opted for variety of profiles such as the #mycalvins campaign in which it brought together several artist profiles with different body types.

    Sexy black male models

    According to ranking Alpha Dia and Alton Mason are the most successful sexy black male models at the moment.

    Alpha Dia's profile is represented by 7 modeling agencies worldwide and has worked for brands like Hugo Boss and magazines like Vogue.

    On the other hand, the other sexy black male model Alton Mason is represented by 3 agencies worldwide and has worked for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and Hugo Boss among others.

    Sexy latin male models

    Two of the sexy latin male models are from Spain: Jon Kortajarena and Andrés Velencoso. These sexy latin male models have been working in the industry for a long time and have triumphed in all the photo shoots and catwalks they have been in.

    They started in Spain but have traveled all over the world working for the most coveted and important brands and nowadays they are the best known and paid latin models.

    Sexy older male models

    If you are a senior model, you have an attitude in front of the camera and experience in sexier photo shoots, such as underwear, swimsuit or fragrance shootings, you can also be part of the sexy older male models.

    Nowadays there is a wide variety of profiles and brands that are looking for people of all ages. So if you are over 50 you can also belong to the sexy older male models.

    Sexy shirtless male models

    In the modeling industry the sexy male models have always been the sexy shirtless male models we used to see in fragrance and underwear commercials. Nowadays, as attitude is more important, all sexy male models can be with or without a shirt.

    Shirtless sexy male models in the industry continue to work but the industry is giving visibility to other types of profiles and not just the muscular body we were always used to seeing.

    Therefore, if you want to be part of this category you just need to take your shirt off in the next photo shooting you do.

    How much do male models make?

    As for how much money sexy male models make you have to keep in mind that it depends on the style of project you do and the brand you work for.

    Also, depending on the amount of fees you are included in the contract per day worked, travel or image rights, you will have a budget or another.