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Agence Lisbon, Portugal
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A propos de moi

Throughout 2012, and with the hobby of photography, Nuno Peixoto launched and registered the Peixoto Imagem® brand, which reached its peak in 2016.

However, his taste for events, in the most varied and diversified types, was not limited to this project and aroused in him the desire to create something broader and more comprehensive.

Then, on March 28, 2016, he decided to create and register the Peixoto Eventos® brand with the capacity to hold all kinds of events: weddings, baptisms, bachelor parties, birthday parties, fashion shows, inaugurations, among others …

The brand was officially presented on May 14, 2016, on the same date and with the need to group the two brands, the term Grupo Peixoto (GP) was created.

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