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Critères de sélection

This is a casting call for the continuation of the project “panopticon” which began 8-9 months ago. It is now past the halfway point and entering the final stage.

Participants have been mostly compromised of other artists but also models from the MM community. I will be looking for another 8-10 participants, to complete the cycle of gathering content for the book.

It is important in order to be considered further to have good communication from the start and respond in a timely manner after your initial application.

Over video calls within a day or two after initial approval of a models application, details are shared about the art direction and most importantly information about the cinematic nature of the project and how it relates to modeling for it. The cinematic is key to this project and a very interesting and yet little known method of narrative visual storytelling which also extends to a different way of modeling. Which sets it apart from traditional ways of seeing portraiture aiming at creating a more vernacular visual experience for the audience.
If you are not comfortable with nudity, religious referencing and under the age of 20 please do not apply to this casting.
Models will be asked if they are comfortable in nude and/or implied nude conditions.

The scenery of this project is Kafka-esque and often dramatic driven mostly by direct light and strong lines across the environment (your space), as it juxtapositions raw reality and a dream like world. The intent of the project is suggestive in nature posing questions across an array of current social issues stemming from the golden age of communication we are now in.

Project tags: Surveillance, Privacy, Observed, Memories, Facts, Fiction, Humanity, Memories, Dystopian, The Cinematic, Prison, Harvesting metadata, The Plague (A. Camus), Sins, Ghosts of the past, Mirros and Echoes.

All images are captured via online video calls and participants are advised on setup for a session given they have access to phone and/or laptop. It is also possible to have remote sessions with a modern digital camera (Dslr) if one is available to the model, if so please indicate accordingly for consideration.

Les inscription pour ce casting sont terminées.


TFP "Trade for Print" est un arrangement où le modèle donne de son temps en contrepartie d'une sélection des meilleures photos du shooting Time for print and experience

Type de casting

Direct - Un mannequin sera confirmé uniquement en fonction de son application de casting

Travail en ligne ou hors ligne / collaboration If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.

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lundi, le 30 novembre 2020

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