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Boost your social media with new photos without moving from your home!

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Photographer who takes the world of photography to another level! This talented and creative photographer has had a perfect idea for this quarantine situation. He offers a collaboration that does not require you to be in contact with other people or to be moved.

The casting is about sending a photo of you taken by a camera or any other devie on a white wall. The angle, outfits, makeup all depends on you and your taste, you just have to send that photo in raw and he will turn it into one of those pictures you admire in instagram!

With this collaboration you will be able to increase your social media presence without moving from your home! Don’t wait any longer and sign up for this casting to try it out yourself!


TFP Trade for Print is an arrangement where the model gives their time in exchange for a selection of the best photos from the shoot

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Online or offline job / collaboration If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.


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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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