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Professionista del settore Leeds, Regno Unito
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Su di me

Oxygen Films are the entirely non-profit, self-funded, community interest film production company behind a series of gripping short and feature-length films, as well as short from television.

Based in Leeds, Oxygen are managed by a group of passionate young people intent on raising further discussion through enthralling fictional film. We are proud to continue creating provocative and thought-provoking content on such challenging topics as mental health, sexuality and identity.

Reaching millions across the World, our films have signposted audiences to mental health and wellbeing services near them, inspired queer people to 'come out' to their families, and allows us to work with multitudes of international charities, businesses, educators, festivals and creators.

We know how powerful a tool our content can be for those underrepresented on screen, and we are so excited to continue collaborating with incredible visionary young people on the issues we feel need talking about.

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Produzione di film Oxygen Films from Leeds, Regno Unito
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Oxygen Films
Produzione di film Oxygen Films from Leeds, Regno Unito
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Oxygen Films