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Fotografo Paris, Francia
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Su di me

French ,based in Paris ,who "choose to be a photographer because it's the only job that allow you to see everything in this world "
Franck's playground has always been between France and other countries of the world and so it is regarding the different sides of his art.Celebrities ,Fashion ,News,Sports, Advertisements ,Travel , the work of Franck is complete.

Starting in the early 80’S ,he's been a staff reporter for major french press agency like Gamma or Stills. He photograph some of the main personalities of this decade , like King Juan Carlos of Spain , Pope Jean Paul II , French president François Mitterand or fomer dictator wife of Phillipines Imelda Marcos or Princess of Wales Diana

Always concerned by majors socials and politics events he covered , the big french « faits divers » L’Affaire Gregory , the rise of Jean Marie Le Pen 's Front National in french politics, he was in Berlin during the wall fall , inMoscow during the Perestroika or in Rwanda struggling for AIDS , his work in Benin on the voodoo religion has been exposed in the African art and civilisation museum of Paris

Movie fan , he also worked during this times with famous movie directors like Peter Greenaway, Claude Lelouch, Samuel Fuller or Jerry Schatzberg.He have been nominated for the French movie academy awards for best poster for the movie « Noce blanche » directed by Jean Claude Brisseau starring Vanessa Paradis. In 1994 , he build he’s own studio facility and created , VISION , company in charge to manage the production and the distribution worldwide of his work. He started , also a more creative and artistic way for diversifying his knowledge. A lot of artists will stand in front of his camera and so many for portraits full of emotions and smart minimalist direction and set-ups. He also devlopped a more conceptual work illustrating articles for magazines or commercial assignments. He recently created a strong artistic and conceptual work call the "I Shadow" (Je d'ombre in french) based on silhouette photography.

VISION is now a successful company connected with distributors in almost all the countries in the world and sale 600 pictures a day and a lot of differents companies contact them to order assignments for Franck

Recents collaborations :

Celebrities : Muse , Liam Gallagher , The Kills, The Black Keys, Kasabian, Gossip, Justin Timberlake, Louis Bertignac, Sebastien Vettel, Frédéric Beigbeder, Laurent Gerra, Hubert Felix Thiéfaine , Antoine de Caunes,

Press : Rolling Stones (fr) , Sport (fr) , Mojo (fr), Avantages (fr), Psychologies (fr) , The Economist (uk) , Oggi (it)

Advertisement campaign : Mitsubishi , French Olympic Sport Committee , Salons des entrepreneurs , Synthol Kine , Intersports ,

Corporate : Elite model look , Nexity , L'Oreal

Television : M6 group , Endemol , Fremantle

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