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What you should know

  • Smart Contracts

    A Smart Contract is an agreement between the professional that is booking the model and the model. This part of the process will happen once a professional confirms a model for a project.

    What types of Smart Contracts can I find on

    There are two types of Smart Contracts.

    1. TFP or collaboration: used for projects without direct economic purpose, meaning that the model doesn´t get paid, but in exchange he or she gets the images/videos or a product from the brand. Most of these are for self promotion and have a non-commercial purpose.
    2. Paid jobs used for projects that have a fee, meaning that the job is paid. These kinds of Smart Contracts include information such as image rights and the project fee.

    What is the benefit?

    A Smart Contract is the best way to secure your conditions and image rights and keep everything transparent. This saves time and doubts between the professional and the model and increases the safety of the process.

    1. Benefit for Models or Talent
      As a model you'll know exactly what the images/videos are going to be used for and how much you will be paid. In the case of a TFP or collaboration it is also important for you to sign a contract, as there are also rights for these images/videos. Additionally, this can be considered as a way to see that the professional you are going to work with is serious.
    2. Benefit for Professionals: Photographers, Producers, Brands etc.
      As a Professional, you want to make sure that the model is serious; by signing this contract he or she will commit to the shoot you are arranging. This also saves time and doubts between the model and yourself, so it's one less thing for you to worry about while preparing your project.

    Come funziona?

    Smart Contracts are fast and easy to use:

    The professional completes the details required and signs the Smart Contract.
    *It can vary depending if the contract is for TFP or Paid job: description, shoot date, location, payment fee, image rights, territory and media where the images/videos will be used and client information.

    After that, he or she submits it to the model to sign
    Once signed the professional will receive the Smart Contract by email

    Smart Contracts are available to the professionals for all the models that apply to their online castings or that are booked directly through our booking system.

    * is just the platform that gives the user access to these smart contracts
    *The model has to be over 18 years old to sign one of these contracts or have a tutor that signs it for him or her.

  • Online Bookings

    An online booking is a way for professionals to book models online directly with the model. This means that models within our online community can be booked directly by approved industry professionals registered on

    Key benefits for both Models and Professionals

    We offer the model and the booker support & advice before, during and after the shoot.

    • deals directly with the industry professional. There are no agents taking commission.
    • For any questions about bookings you can contact us [email protected]

    1. Benefit for Models or Talent

    Main benefit for models is that it's a safe way to get booked and receive all the money.

    • Our staff checks each client before he can proceed with a booking so it’s a safe and trusted online environment to be booked.
    • You will only be approached by approved industry professionals.
    • If we have any doubts about the job request, we will investigate further.
    • We offer you and the booker support & advice before, during and after the shoot.
    • Money is handled securely by ensuring a safe and reliable service, this is the best way to make sure money is prepaid and gets to you immediately after the shoot (approximately 3 days, depending on the bank and country).
    • You do not have to pay any fees or commission – at all! The full amount is sent to you, so there are no surprises.
    • If your booking is cancelled before the shoot, you still get paid.

    *The model has to be over 18 years old to be booked online.

    2. Benefis for Professionals

    We make it simple for our approved professionals to book models Worldwide.

    • is giving its users more freedom to competently take charge of their own bookings efficiently and professionally.
    • only charges a 10% commission on top of what you are paying for the model.*
    • Money is handled securely by ensuring a safe and reliable service, this is the best way to make sure that the money will be paid to the model, or in the case that the model cancels or doesn't show up, the complete amount will be refunded back to you.
    • pays the model directly, you don't have to be in charge of this.
    • You can get an invoice

    *VAT for certain countries

  • Recensioni

    All our approved members, talents and industry professionals, are allowed to share their feedback about another user by publishing a review on our platform.

    Our team moderates each review one by one to make sure these reviews are real and do not require further evaluation.

    Key Benefits

    The reviews you get from your bookings are easier for fashion industry professionals and models to see, making their decision to work with you much clearer. Ask people in your network to leave you a review and build your trust!

    Come funziona?

    Go to the members profile on, click on Leave a review and evaluate their professionalism, experience, communication and response time with ratings of 1 to 5 stars. 1 star meaning very poor and 5 stars is excellent.

    After that you can enter a text review leaving your feedback. Once you save the review our moderation team will moderate it (I don't think this grey line is needed). Once approved, the review will go live on the users profile.

  • Safe Messaging official messaging tool is monitored by our team. This is the main reason why we strongly recommend not to continue the conversation away from the messaging tool, when making agreements with casting providers. There are mainly 2 reasons why switching you conversations to other messaging platforms such could be dangerous:

    • We cannot confirm the user's identity and make sure that the person is legitimate
    • Within our messaging tool we have our own methods to detect spam messages and protect you from possible dangers

    So, once you are offered to continue a conversation on other messaging platforms, please have in mind that you will not have our team as an added level of security for your agreement.

  • Rate Your Interaction

    We care about EVERY interaction you are having with our community members! That’s why you have an option to rate and leave feedback about all the messaging you do through our community. After the user sends you a message you can rate your experience:

    "Great" means that your experience was good!
    "Regular" - all was ok.
    "Bad" ratings are the most important for us. Once you rate your interaction as bad, we recheck the member and investigate to make sure there are no possible dangers for the rest of our users

    Don’t worry, it is visible only to us and the user will not know what you think of him or her. We review these comments every day and if the user is flagged, they can be rejected by our moderation team, if we find it necessary. We assure you that Professionals who may put members of our community at risk, will be rejected immediately.

  • Member Moderation verifies every professional and casting provider manually and carefully.

    Each new member must provide a professional website or social media accounts, which demonstrate their photography or other industry related skills. Furthermore, we check if the person registered is really the owner of links provided. We do our best to ensure the safest possible environment. If you have any doubts about any of the members or offers you received, you are welcome to express your concerns and any doubts you may have to our team and we will recheck the member again. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Online Video Castings

    As an online community, offers models and photographers the option to cast and apply 100% online. This is a perfect way to avoid waiting for live castings and having to wait hours, only to do a short scene or, from the professionals side, having to rent a studio, which you will have to pay to cast numerous models, only to like a few.

    Imagine having a tool where you can do the first casting, filter online and if necessary a callback with these models that you’ve liked and who fit the requirements. This makes life easier for both models and pros.

    Key benefits for professionals:

    Online Video Castings are the easiest and safest way to meet models for your next project. You will save time, money and you will be able to speak via online video directly to the models.

    Come funziona?

    Post an online casting or select a model from the Model Search
    Send a message to the model with the project details
    Invite the model to an online video casting!

    Key benefits for models:

    You will be contacted only by approved industry professionals with whom you could work with for future projects. These kinds of castings will save you time (no need to wait for hours at a casting studio) and stay safe, as each online video request is reviewed by our team.