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Lugano, Switzerland
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Offer ends October 14, 2023
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Unlock a realm where your aspirations are vividly portrayed, where every click echoes the heartbeats of your fashion dreams. Allow your inner model to shine brightly under the expert lens of professional fashion photography. ? What We Offer: - 3.5 Hours of Immersive Shoot Time: Delve into a photography session meticulously tailored to highlight your versatility and essence. - 30 Flawlessly Retouched Images: Receive 30 magazine-grade photographs, each one an artistic testament to your unique allure, curated with meticulous attention to detail. With our exquisite vision and your distinctive style, together we will craft images that: - ? Elevate Your Portfolio: Stand out from the crowd with a portfolio that resonates excellence and creativity. - ? Increase Your Bookings: Let the world see your unparalleled potential, attracting prestigious assignments and collaborations. - ? Unleash Your Model Potential: Go beyond the ordinary and reach the zenith of your modeling aspirations. Step into the spotlight. With our expertise, your portfolio will not just be seen; it will be remembered. Space is limited – ensure your place among the stars and book now on! ?

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Rodi Erofeev
Offer ends
October 14, 2023
3 hours 30 minutes
€450.00 €360.00
Save 20%