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aart de bakker

aart de bakker

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Photographer Maastricht, Netherlands
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About me

I have been a professional photographer for 20 years or so. I have been awarded with Kodak camera dór and european gold award nomination for excellence in portrait photography.
Now I mainly do art photography and portraits.

Beside shooting photos I am a sculptor of realistic figures and for that purpose I also seek models. I have 3 different ways of sculpting with models.
1. the model sits live while I sculpt in clay.
2. I take for each pose pictures of the model in 360 degrees to cover every angle of the pose. This concludes wide shots, close ups, overhead shots.
3. I make a life cast from the model. This means that the model is wrapped in plaster bandages and/or alginate gel and has to maintain the pose until the mould is hardened en ready to come off.

It is also possible to work with all three or two of these methods, depending on the difficulty and the scale of the statue to be made.

I welcome models both for my photography as well as my sculpting.
I take assignments in portrait and model photography as well as portrait sculpting.

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