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Alaattin OZDE

Available for work in:

  • Tirana, Albania

Alaattin OZDE was born in the beautiful city of Izmir, Turkey in 1981. He started to paint from a very young age and received multiple awards for his paintings. During primary school he played handball and his team finished 4th in the country and regional 1st. Once preparation for high school exams began he put aside handball and it was then that he discovered music. he first started by playing keyboards and after the guitar followed. He attended the famous Izmir Ataturk Lisesi high school and it was in those days that he first came in contact with computer designing. Combining his painting abilities with digital design seemed like the natural course of things. He later entered university studying environmental engineering. During his free time he participated in Turkey Mountaineering Federation and soon became climbing instructor. He was fascinated by the power of nature and he felt the urge to share it with everyone else so he started taking pictures. He reached a point when climbing was not enough. He looked at the big blue sea and said I want to feel you too. He took yacht driver licence and spent 2 years sailing. After all that journey towards self discovery, he decided to share his spiritual dream world with those around him and he started to work at the advertisement company Ti Ajans in Izmir. After two months of working there he found a lot of drawbacks in the working environment and set off to built his own company that he created in 2002. Now he would love to share his abilities and evolve…

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