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Chris Carolina

Available for work in:

  • Paris, France

Photographer / Painter http://www.chriscarolina.com Peintre et photographe de mode, son oeuvre est un mélange de genre et de style, entre abstrait et figuratif. En quête de pureté, d'amour et de sincérité, il place la Femme au centre de ses réflexions, au centre de ses créations et de sa motivation. Il en résulte une peinture vivante, esthétique et harmonieuse, fruit d'une passion débordante. Painter and fashion photographer , his work is a mix of type and style, between abstract and figurative art. In search of purity, love and sincerity, he puts the Woman in the middle of his cognition, in the center of his creations and in his motivation. It results from it a living painting, esthetic and harmonious, fruit of an exuberant passion. Pittore e fotografo di moda, la sua opera è un miscuglio di genere e di stile, tra l’astratto ed il figurativo. Alla ricerca di purezza, d'amore e di sincerità, mette la Donna al centro delle sue riflessioni, delle sue creazioni e della sua motivazione. Ne risulta una pittura viva, estetica ed armoniosa, frutto di una passione traboccante. Pintor y fotógrafo de moda, su obra es una mezcla de clase y estilo, entre abstracto y figurativo. En búsqueda de pureza, amor y sinceridad, coloca la Mujer en el centro de sus reflexiones de sus creaciones y su motivación. Resulta una pintura viva, estética y armoniosa, fruta de una pasión desbordante. Pintor e fotografo de moda, as suas obras são uma mistura de géneros e estilos entre o abstrato e o figurativo. A procura de pureza, amor e sinceridade, ele mete a Mulher ao centro das suas reflexões, criações e da sua motivação. Ele cria uma pintura viva, estética e harmoniosa, fruto de uma paixão transbordante. Maler und Modefotograf, sein Werk ist eine Mischung von Art und Stil, zwischen abstrakt und bildlich. Auf der Suche nach Reinheit, Liebe und Aufrichtigkeit, stellt er die Frau ins Zentrum seiner Überlegungen, ins Zentrum seiner Kreationen und seiner Motivation. Eine lebendige, ästhetische und harmonische Malerei, die Frucht einer übervollen Leidenschaft ergibt sich daraus. Photographer and painter : http://www.chriscarolina.org Chris Carolina was born on the western shores of France. He follows an artistic formation at the french school of fine arts (Beaux arts). He then focused on watercolors and oil painting. He discovers photography through a model who will become both his wife and his muse. She will be his only model for 4 years. He comes to realize that photography will be a fundamental element of his life, for it gives him the chance to enter a world made of travel, aestheticism and elegance. So it's all naturally through his portraits that he will be picked out, then hooked on by models agencies. From that on, he will focus his lens on other women, gaining a special skill for composition and framing, as for artistic directory. Gifted with a great sensitivity for light, he sublimates his models through his outdoor pictures. In 2000, he devotes fully to fashion photography. People notice in his work, his taste for colors, the emphasis of women's beauty, and his architectural compositions. Chris works in his parisian studio where he shares his passion and talent, setting up private workshops for famous private individuals. Since 2006, he mixes his arts, painting and photography, and makes several sets of it. His work is a mix of styles and genres. He seeks purity, love and sincerity, and places Woman in the center of his contemplations and of his artistic motivation. From all that, it results a lively painting, which is aesthetic and harmonious, for it's the fruit of an overflowing and heady passion. Since 2009, he is represented by NicolasLaurent, and HK Art Agency. The agency is getting well known being a talent scout and a dynamic actor of the french cultural milieu. It promotes and exhibits all over Europe, and soon, in the States. Chris is currently living and working between Paris and New-york.

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