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Cintia Dana

  • LocationLos Angeles, United States
  • Phone626-625-1852
  • Mobile626-625-1852
  • WebsiteCintia Dana website

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  • Los Angeles, United States

I'm a professional portrait photographer and I love to photograph people! My favorite sessions are: fashion/glamour, senior portraits, weddings, family, women, children and newborns. Photography is an amazing world of creation, expression and art where reality meets fantasy...where you can create whoever you want to be. The perfect moment captured in less than a second are the memories that time will not fade. An expression that speaks by itself...the unique look, feeling and emotion that only a special moment embraced in a picture will tell a story without words. The perfect time …frozen in an image that will last forever. We take pictures on the best days of our lives; when something unusual happens, when the view is incredible or simply because it is worth it! Most people want to be part of an image when they feel confident, but time goes by and it changes many things…and we bear in our own lives the indelible marks of its course. That is why pictures are priceless...that is why I became a photographer; not only to be a witness of all those precious, unrepeatable and irreplaceable moments but to capture the essence of life, love and remembrance.

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