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Hougland Imagery

Available for work in:

  • Sacramento, United States

I have been providing many types of professional photography services to the Salt Lake Metropolitan Area since 2006. I've just recently relocated to the Northern California Region! While spending nearly a decade behind my camera and lens, I've found that I seem to have been drawn to a more inquisitive path in life. One that craves stopping to smell the roses frequently, to examine and experience the beauty in nature, and the people around me. When I succumb to this desire, I find a peacefulness that perpetuates my creative cycle. During my training I came to realize that the world we live in is overflowing with more incredibly rich and visually interesting scenes than I had previously thought. I used to shoot landscapes and wildlife exclusively, but thanks to a wonderful instructor in my first semester for photography, I discovered a love for the studio and all the lighting techniques. But perhaps more importantly, I was introduced to the fulfillment of building unique, and genuine relationships with each of the wonderful people I've photographed. When it comes to creating an amazing image, I believe the key is a collaboratively comfortable environment. The respect and trust a photographer builds with their client is what allows for the collaboration to move forward seamlessly. It's my goal to become adept at encouraging this experience in front of my lens.

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