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Photographer Long Beach, United States
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About me

~Revealing the Refined Rebel in You with Country Rock song moment through my lens (website removed) ~RR Blog (website removed)

Photographer who inspired by the layers and complexities of people.

My style is like a country rock song spirited moments about love, drinking, freedom, drama & being a rebel with no apologies.

I love music, golf, sushi, tapas & wine! I enjoy life and usually put too much on my plate so there are moments in my life when I put myself in check and search for balance.

I'm a mom who rebels from conformity and lives life for self expression! With strong beliefs in defending the truth and others' differences, I truly believe we as people should not only be accepted for all our differences but Celebrated!
I am a goof, an odd ball for certain; I embrace it! Being called weird is a compliment in my book!
I love meeting unique people and hearing their stories. You can be a friend for life or 5 minutes and you will have impacted me in some way.'

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