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Mariano E. Rodríguez

Available for work in:

  • Parana, Argentina

2 years at the Association of Professional Photographers of Entre Rios, obtaining therefore the instruction in Journalistic, Social photography and Digital Processes. 4 years at the Superior Institute named “One Photo School”, developing different techniques and processes. Among them, advertising and journalistic photography, old processes like bicromatada rubber, brown Van Dyke, estenopeica camera, composition of emulsions, zonal system under the theories of Ansel Adams, Black and white laboratory and Color, Composition of chemistries, Films and Papers. At the end of his career, he studied Theory of the Image (Herbert Marshall McLuhan), Study and perspective of the image, language - concept - composition, foundations of the image, processes of communication of the image, study and perspective of the image, the psychology of the image, the image and the environment (Mass Media). He made a master in theory of the color: colors light and pigment colors, temperature of the color in degrees Kelvin (ºK), color temperature correction with the use of filters.

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