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Photographer Hackensack, United States
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About me

My name is Matt Wallach, I am also known to some as “Jungle”.
Born in a small town known as New York City, I grew up in a suburb of NYC located in Rockland County, NY. I now call Hackensack, NJ home.
I am a self-taught photographer/retoucher with a background in Fine Arts.
Being a people photographer and forever working with aspiring models, I continue this today as I expand my horizons and forever learn.
This portfolio site is ever-changing and reflects my pleasure in photographing people, places and things. In capturing my world, I like to explore a wide range of subjects, from city scenes to natural elements to people. I like dark, and light, and form, and texture. I have always had a fascination with capturing the beauty around me. Whether it is in a face, a figure, a landscape, architecture or anything, I always try to express what it is I see and feel through my photography.
Please enjoy your time here, and feel free to contact me with any questions concerning my current or future work.
Nowadays I can be found (if not shooting or networking) at my home away from home, “4 Bucks”.
“It’s all about the image”
Much love,
Matt “Jungle” Wallach

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