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  • Reviewed 17-06-2021 Luca Santarelli
    “When I first signed up to the portal I was in need of professional photos to be taken to get going with my profile. Upon searching for photographers I came across Shanice. I contacted her immediately, after seeing her profile and website (amazing portrait photos), and explained to her my situation and whether she was up for a TFP shoot. She replied immediately and accepted the request. We then spoke on text the next few days for her to organize a mood board for me. She was very professional and direct with me about it. On the day of the shoot, having previously told her this was my first ever photoshoot, she immediately gave me tips and guided me throughout the whole day, making me feel at ease. We laughed and got along so well and she was always there to cheer me up throughout the process and make me understand how everything works, what we would've done and so on. I honestly cannot thank Shanice enough, both for her availability and professionalism but as well for her help, kindness and amazing pictures she took of me, having me show facial characteristics I did not know I had. :)”
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