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Photographer Shashi from India


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Photographer Mumbai, India
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About me

A seasoned photographer, with over 15 years of experience in the field, Shashi Nair is a deeply passionate professional. His greatest strength lies in his endeavour to bring in his own distinctive touch and vision to every picture. He is versatile, shoots still life, people or automobile and fashion with an unique uncompromising sense of beautiful flow. He goes deep into the subject’s mind, does a lot of pre-preparation to maximise the impact. His passion lies in bringing to the fore the unique beauty and character of each subject. Shashi Nair is gifted with the critical ability to innovate with lighting, mood and flow. He has brought to life various genres of photography. Fashion, still-life, automobiles… both, for global advertisers and editorial clients. And his experiments with the craft rage on…His photographs display an uncommon mastery of composition, lighting, and technique, and a brilliant ability to conceive and express ideas and emotions in graphic form is something that is immediately evident and to capture the essential humanity and character of his famous subjects with depth and insight that sets him apart from the rest.

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