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Tamás Réthey-Prikkel

Available for work in:

  • Budapest, Hungary

Photographer, artist quality / character / atmosphere. My career as a photographer has its roots in my visual sensitivity showing at an early age and my childhood fascination with all things beautiful. After finishing high school it was obvious that I must continue my studies in a creative field. My education at MOME – the Moholy-Nagy University os Art and Design Budapest – helped me summarize my knowledge in different fields of photography, and in the meantime, thanks to a UK scholarship, I was also studying abroad and participating in workshops throughout Europe. Intrigued by contemporary fine art, I was soon directed towards the border territories of different art fields. At the time I was mostly creating video installations examining collective memory and the relation between my own generation and history. Later, I started focusing on border territories within photography itself, that is how my first art, architecture and fashion photography series came to be...

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