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Wioleta Ludwig

My name is Wioleta Malgorzata Ludwig. I was born in Oswiecim, Poland. I graduated there in cosmetics. Then I moved to Iceland where I lost and found myself again. I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid. I see the beauty in every human. I love the body itself and painting it and connecting with another person through the process of creation is my biggest passion. I try to develop my skills every day. Working on different projects and ideas. My purpose is to make the person feel fabulous - to open the inner light to shine on the outside. I am treating the makeup as a therapy. There is a great connection between the model and the makeup artist when it is done consciously with love. It creates a positive light in the model, no matter what they are going through. Furthermore I am interested in psychology, physiotherapy, phytotheraphy, yoga and all kinds of art. I speak Polish, English and Icelandic.

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