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Agencja Paola's from Wielka Brytania


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Agencja London, Wielka Brytania
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Paola’s Management was founded in 2006 by Paola Buonfiglio after 18 years of experience in the fashion industry . Paola’ s Management has the specific goal of providing personal and individualized management for high caliber models that need professional and elite work . Paola Buonfiglio has started her carrier in the 1987 working for the most merge modeling agency in the fashion industry After 18 years of booking experience , having the pleasure to work with the most important models in the Fashion industry , Paola have decided to make a company that could support each individual model into their carrier not only for work matters, but as a real support into their day by day life. Paola’s management will procuring , develop negotiate finalize organizes and administrate acting as a exclusive personal manager caring and creating a real carrier into the fashion industry ,expert in placement and management of new and experienced models with top international agency finding them the best agencies and help to manage and develop their modeling career. Paola’s Management has many roles for the models including : carrier strategist, financial advisor,problem solver & life couch . Due to the years of experience Paola’s Management will be the choice to make sure your carrier is manage correctly , knowing exactly what the market is looking for will organize a real carrier plan with the support of an experience team .

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