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Become one of the Unique Faces that represents ModelManagement.com!

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ModelManagement.com has 1 Million faces, each of them unique and interesting in its own way, and it's time to show the world who you are!

We're now looking for models that can represent the diversity that we strive for at ModelManagement.com, and we were hoping that this could be YOU.

It doesn't matter your background, gender, age, size, or look, we want to meet all of you around the world! All you have to do for us is some video selfie content talking about a relevant topic about the modelling industry, and we will share it on our Social Media and make a LOT OF NOISE (we reach over 2M people every week, so you’ll get a MASSIVE exposure worldwide!!!)

If you have a dynamic and engaging personality and want to take part in such exciting project, apply to the casting and a member of our team will contact you personally :)

A good level of English is a plus, but you don't have to speak it perfectly ^^

Nabór na ten casting został zakończony.


INNE There could be products, garments or other incentives offered in place of payment. Massive exposure worldwide

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Wtorek, 31 Grudzień 2019

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