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Female Model Content Creator

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Are you interested in subjects such as movies, film, music, art, writing, fashion, social media, youtube, psychedelics, psychology, philosophy, science, sexy?
This is an opportunity and collaboration for someone who is fully capable of self sustaining oneself, and is less interested in views and pay, but mainly interested in creating unique thought provoking high-end content.
Storyline of content is a blend between self discovery and fantasy. Style is blend between cinematic film, travel video, vlog pov with possible combination of other aesthetics.
If this somehow rings a bell, please apply. Expenses are not covered.
Only experienced models and influencers apply who are interested in becoming part of growing and recognised brand.

Nabór na ten casting został zakończony.


INNE There could be products, garments or other incentives offered in place of payment. Discussed with selected candidate

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Germany and Worldwide

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Sobota, 07 Grudzień 2019

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