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!!Please read this text before applying!!

Experienced award-winning photographer is looking for models to work on a cinematic narrative book project. The pictures are captured remotely with tools available at our disposal such as phones, laptops and tablets.

In later production stages these images will be rendered through different methods into HQ quality prints, regardless of the medium initially captured.

Participating models will have an individual sequence within the final presentation. Each of these short stories will then become part of the larger narrative in the end of the project.

Every participating model will be guided and will receive relevant information about both the project and the sessions to facilitate modeling for this occasion and hopefully gain a greater understanding about their involvement. The photographer has extensive knowledge in the history of photography, traditional photography processes as well as contemporary art photography. This knowledge is shared before and during sessions, helping and guiding the progression of the project.

Sessions last approximately one hour and sometimes it is commonly agreed to do a second session to compliment the first, as certain ideas interject themselves during the natural progression of the project.

Application process:
After applying to this casting call, applicants will be contacted for a short video appointment at a time of common convenience. Punctuality is very important. Candidates must understand that their involvement consists of replying in a timely manner to be considered further. This is a serious project with many moving parts.
All levels of experience are welcomed to apply.

Nabór na ten casting został zakończony.


TFP Trade for Print jest porozumieniem, w której model/ka, pracując poświęca swój czas, w zamian za wybór najlepszych zdjęć z sesji zdjęciowej Model will receive high resolution files from the session.

Typy castingów

Direct - A model will be confirmed based only on their casting application

Online or offline job / collaboration If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.


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Sobota, 30 Maj 2020

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