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MTV Seeking storytellers!

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MTV is looking for people who have an incredible story to tell because of Covid-19. If you are experiencing something drastic or different due to this, then this casting is perfect for you! The only condition is that you must be 18 years old, be able to shoot a video of yourself and speak English!

· Are you or your partner Stuck Abroad?
· Did you cancel your wedding due to the public health crisis?
· Are you stuck under quarantine with your ex?
· Pregnant and due while everyone’s ordered to stay home?
· Getting ma massive bump in your only fan subscription during these tumultuous times?
· Are you taking matters into your own hands to escape the virus?
· Living with a loved one friend who has the virus?
· Has the pandemic led you to your passion?

This is open to anyone to apply! Don’t waste any more time and start thinking about what you’re going to tell MTV!


INNE There could be products, garments or other incentives offered in place of payment. other

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Online or offline job / collaboration If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.


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Sobota, 30 Maj 2020

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