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Fotograf Visual from Stany Zjednoczone


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Fotograf Miami, Stany Zjednoczone
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I consider myself a semi-pro photographer, mainly as I maintain full time status as an airline pilot traveling the world. Being able to do my two passions and combining them at times, allows me to share things some can only dream of, and is part of the reason behind the name, Visual Approach™ Photography.

Being based in South Florida, swimwear is a lot of what I shoot, along with fashion, lifestyle and commercial work. With "drones" (actually sUAS or RPAS in most places I fly) getting better and better, they have been part of my business now for years, currently flying an Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro.

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 Visual Approach Photography (Robert D. Ashby) from Miami, Stany Zjednoczone
  • Visual Approach Photography (Robert D. Ashby)
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Visual Approach Photography (Robert D. Ashby)

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