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 Maroun from Líbano


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Profissional da indústria Beirut, Lebanon
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CEO & Co-Founder · Jan 2001 to present
JASMAR & JASMARGRAPHIX are originally founded in 2001 by Maroun TERS [me] and Yasmine FAKHRY, it is a part of Group TERS [Nothingness' Impossible] and derived from it. JASMAR & JASMARGRAPHIX is 9 years old, and involved in major projects, offline & online, our clients are from different domains and majors, located internationally.. the projects differ between personal presentation to professional / corporate presentation and corporate branding, Now JASMARGRAPHIX is creating a new online/offline project, which will be published very soon, check us for the latest news and OFFERS and benefit from our amazing offers and low price in Designing and ONLINE/OFFLINE presentation.. -

Compu-TERS media solutions & services
CEO and Partner · Mar 1998 to present
an intermediary production company, that provide solution and services in all almost everything concerning production and media.. it is a part of Group TERS [Nothingness' Impossible] and derived from it. an intermediate media production company between Media companies and their clients.. creator and executor of many projects, services and solutions for almost everything.. since 1998, Compu-TERS is targeting towards great achievements, improvements and great results.. with always "avangardist" ideas and plans to fit any given project and plan.. Compu-TERS is considered a sister company for JASMAR GRAPHIX, another company of Group TERS [Nothingness' Impossible].. we believe that all employees in our company should considered as partner in everything we do, and results are the prove.. -

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