Quarantine video call shoot

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Due to the current surge in covid19 cases more restrictions are being put in place. Studios are closed and now even shooting distantly outdoors is risky. We all want to continue doing what we love, participating in photo shoot projects. Here is a safe way we can collaborate for new additions to our portfolios! This is an opportunity to model for a remote photoshoot on Zoom.


TFP Trade for Print (Торговля для печати) - это договоренность, при которой модель отдает свое время в обмен на подборку лучших фотографий со съемок. I will edit and send the best photos from the session

Casting type

Прямой - Модель будет подтверждена только на основании заявки на кастинг

Online or offline job / collaboration If the job requires you to make your own content, it is an Online job. Shoots or projects where you need to be present, are classified as Offline jobs.


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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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