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Фотограф Augsburg, Германия
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Обо мне

I am Stochian Madalin. I make photography from passion. You might say I’m passionate about photography, but I AM NOT. My enthusiasm goes BEYOND THE CAMERA
So, what am I passionate about?

I am passionate about the world around me, about the world we live in, about humanity and society. I love to photograph people! I love to use the camera as a mean to express the beauty that I capture with my own eyes! I like experiences and I enjoy to connect with the people around me, with the nature and with the world.

I have RESPECT for every single human that I photograph and that’s where my PASSION comes from. I don’t only want to offer people some photos to look at, I offer people experiences.

I like my customers to enjoy every single step of this process, and that’s how great memories are made!

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