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Фотограф Hod Hasharon, Израиль
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Обо мне

My name is Amos Bar-Zeev, married+2. I enjoy lite travels, gadgets, and simple cuisine. Why is this important? There are many skilled professionals, with that said. our personality is that thing that makes a photo session a much better experience.

Professionally my voyage has allowed me to take part in inspiring projects, introducing me to a broad intriguing clientele and making an impact one image at a time. I have photographed, produced, advised, and managed many projects for Hi-Tech start-ups and Low-Tech corporations as well as boutique businesses.

Today I strive to surround myself with first-class professionals; photographers, cinematographers, directors, screenwriters, designers, stylists, voice artists, etc., to capture and create astounding visuals while maintaining superior service.

It is a day-to-day mission to make sure everybody’s satisfied.

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