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New face Девушка модель Julia from Испания
  • Julia 108
  • Избранное
1 New face Девушка модель Julia from Испания Madrid, Испания
New face Девушка модель Juliette from США
  • Juliette 626
  • Избранное
2 New face Девушка модель Juliette from США Los Angeles, Соединенные Штаты Премиум
New face Девушка модель Kat from США
  • Kat 16
  • Избранное
3 New face Девушка модель Kat from США Greenville, Соединенные Штаты Премиум
Профессиональная модель Девушка модель Roxane from Франция
  • Roxane 225
  • Избранное
4 Профессиональная модель Девушка модель Roxane from Франция Paris, Франция
New face Девушка модель Pauline from Швеция
  • Pauline 125
  • Избранное
5 New face Девушка модель Pauline from Швеция Markaryd, Швеция Премиум
Профессиональная модель Девушка модель Elina from Великобритания
  • Elina 18
  • Избранное
6 Профессиональная модель Девушка модель Elina from Великобритания Wrexham, Великобритания
New face Девушка модель Emma from Колумбия
  • Emma 63
  • Избранное
7 New face Девушка модель Emma from Колумбия Bogotá, Колумбия
New face Девушка модель Laura from Франция
  • Laura 33
  • Избранное
8 New face Девушка модель Laura from Франция La Courneuve, Франция

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Redhead models and their place in the fashion business

Classiest redhead models. Why are redhead models so popular?

Classy is a deeper, more meaningful word for “cool”. So, who are these “deeper than cool” redhead models? Modelmanagement.com provides quite a list of the classiest redhead models: Zuzana Kavulicova, Adriana Marin, Carmen Obied, Daniela Caraim, Natalia Argüello, Dian Biemans, Alina Deresh, Olga Jolie, Victoria Scott, Peyton Gastel. There are as well male redhead models: Dan Cooke, Gabriel Lefelman, Matthew McLoughlin, Johnny Burt, Gregoire Tine, Jake Hold, Michael McCaughley, Couch Cooper, Alex McKensie, Gwilym Pagh. What makes these models with red hair so popular? Has their hair colour something to do with it? The fashion business is all about being special, to differentiate from the crowd, to attract attention. So who better to meet all this criteria if not redhead models? Ages ago redhead women were suspected of witchcraft and even until now many people believe redheads possess superpowers. Good or bad but superpowers! Can you imagine what a huge advantage all these myths are for publicity? Definitely redhead models are the lucky ones. A history arranged PR campaign for them in advance. But are all those stories about redheads legends indeed? Don’t they catch your eye? Don’t they look mystic? Aren’t they different? They are!

Which words would you use to describe redhead models? Sunny, bright, shinning, positive, warm, for example? Exactly! Except in history redhead models have nature working for them as well. The redhead models are so popular because they are rare. Red hair is the rarest natural hair colour in the world (1-2% of the human population has red hair), so it’s understandable why they can seem so striking to some of us. Though today there are many of those among the redhead models who changed their natural colour to red. And no wonder! Think of all of the advantages of redhead models. Redhead models bring a desired by fashion industry exclusive image into modelling business. Redhead models have a cardblanche – colour of their hair and in some cases (if they are real) a freckled face. But the classiest redhead models know how to use it to get the doors of a fashion world opened for them.

Redhead model photography: tips for taking pictures of redhead models

No doubt redheads are very attractive for many photographers. It is easy to bring to life different unusual photography ideas with a redhead model. That’s one more thing helping redhead models to be visible on the modeling market. Redhead models often inspire beauty photographers to arrange particular photosessions for them, creating and publishing amazing pictures. And those pictures can and will be seen by model agencies. Redhead models are a sort of a rare material for beauty and lifestyle photographers helping them to express their own creativity. A redhead model is a sexy model, because the are rare. Redhead girls looking very hot, for example, in beachwear, but they are not less sexy in business suits and this fact makes photosessions easier. Photography and redhead models love each other, but there are still several tips for taking pictures in case you want to be the classiest redhead model.

Always remember to underline your redheadness. If you’ve got this rare gift from nature share it with others! Make your freckles visible. Make colour of your hair visible and bright on the picture. But make sure as well that neither first nor second steals attention from the clothes you wear. That’s important when you are a redhead model. Learn how to use the mystic touch redheads are famous for. For photosessions use colours contrasting with red. And, of course, redhead models should remember that the best way to take good quality pictures is to find a good quality beauty photographer. Redhead models can and should take phone pictures, post them on Instagram, but it’s suppose to be a supplement to a great number of professional photos.

Usually at young age redheads are suffering from other kids mocking, by cally them gingers and this can lead to them trying to get rid of at least freckles in any way possible. But it is funny how the things change if you become a redhead model. Childhood’s troubles can become a reason for redhead model success. So, in a way all those advantages redhead models get automatically with their look are deserved. All the redhead models need is just to use them in a right way and not to rely only on the advantages but work, develop and learn how to use the redhead look for keeping the title of the classiest redhead models.