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How to become a model

How can I become a model?

Models come in all shapes and sizes with opportunities in countless modeling categories.

Read on to find out what type of model you are.

  • Who needs models?

    Models work in areas such as fashion, advertising, events, shows, publications, corporate shoots, stock photography, as brand influencers and more.

  • How can I work as a model if I don't have the classic model look?

    You can work in many ways, for example, advertising is one of the biggest modeling markets. Clients often want real looking people from all walks of life to suit their brand image.

  • How do I know what type of modeling is best for me?

    You don’t have to know right now. The most important thing is to have a model profile on modelmanagement.com and apply to many castings. When you're chosen for a modeling job, that’s where you start!

  • Do I need a model agency?

    Agencies represent many people and it can often take a long time to get work, if at all. Many models prefer to use modeling communities such as modelmanagement.com to find work. Especially if they don't fit the typical skinny body criteria of many modeling agencies.

  • Can I be a model?

    Yes, you can! Join our worldwide modeling community of fashion, plus size, tattoo, people and lifestyle models and influencers, and apply to castings from all over the world to get your career in modeling started!

How to become a model

What is modelmanagement.com?

We are a community website for amatuer and professional models to find modeling work.

  • Is modelmanagement.com a modeling agency?

    No, we are not a modeling agency. We provide an online arena for models to directly connect with model agencies, photographers and brands for work or representation.

  • How can I see the modeling jobs that I can apply for?

    We approve every professional member, before they are permitted to post a casting. You can apply for castings here.

  • Where can I get more advice about modeling?

    Everything that you need to know is within our modeling advice pages.

How to become a model

Model - Annemarie Willer

"Thanks to being signed up on modelmanagement.com, I had the opportunity to get one of my best jobs ever! The job was for a television commercial and I had an amazing experience."

Model - Harry ter Haar

"Within the first two weeks of being a member of modelmanagement.com, I got my first model job. A well paid job for Nescafe."