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TfP & Test Shoots in Berlin

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Berlin, เยอรมนี


If you like iscoutu's style of authentic photography and enjoy taking good visuals (photo, video) to extent your portfolio, apply for a TfP or test shoot (no payment, no travel expenses, we take care of location, editing and our expenses):

1. Follow iscoutu on Instagram
2. Write a message or DM with your details and areas of photography you like to cover (portrait beauty, fashion, semi-nude...)
3. Tell us whether you take care of outfits and styling yourself - or you need a stylist / MUA (shared cost)

All test and TfP shoots will take place in Berlin.

We are working for several clients which we support e.g. in producing social media content. If you are interested and our collaboration works well, we would love to suggest you for further projects.

In case of questions please feel free to ask. Looking forward to receiving your feedback :)

Based on TfP contract - you will receive 10 - 15 edited photos (digital) for your portfolio with non-commercial shared rights.

Berlin - Studio / Authentic Indoor (Flat) / Outdoor


TFP Trade for Print is an arrangement where the model gives their time in exchange for a selection of the best photos from the shoot TfP Contract

Shoot or project location

Berlin, Germany

Casting closes

Monday, 27 January 2020

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