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  • Joy Tiffani New Face Joy Tiffani
  • Priyanka New Face Priyanka
  • Viktoriya Ponomareva Professional Model Viktoriya Ponomareva
  • Youssef Mohsen New Face Youssef Mohsen
  • Ema New Face Ema

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  • Ema New Face Ema
  • Sina Professional Model Sina
  • Juncal Sarrión New Face Juncal Sarrión
  • Julian Professional Model Julian
  • Naomi Yatusubiza New Face Naomi Yatusubiza
  • Friederike Professional Model Friederike
  • Yann Saliou New Face Yann Saliou
  • Karolina Michalikova New Face Karolina Michalikova

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  • Neva Models Warsaw Neva Models
  • DXL models Lisbon DXL models
  • JIC Models Modelmanagement Cologne JIC Models Modelmanagement
  • Liliana Burgos International Model Management Mexico City Liliana Burgos International Model Management
  • Glam Models Management Vila Nova de Gaia Glam Models Management
  • Fotogen Modelmanagement AG Zurich Fotogen Modelmanagement AG
  • Leo Model Management Vancouver Leo Model Management

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  • Maru Mochon Buenos Aires Maru Mochon
  • Azmi File Bandung Azmi File
  • Tom Schneider Ebermannstadt Tom Schneider
  • Ted Harris Brampton Ted Harris
  • Slymn Tsnr Istanbul Slymn Tsnr
  • Abhiram Kasbe Mumbai Abhiram Kasbe
  • Ola Ajani London Ola Ajani

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FRESH FACES 2013 WORLD FINALS by Caza Mariposas

Top spanish blogger Dulceda reports the Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals highlights for the program "Caza Mariposas" on Channel Divinity.


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