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Morgan Model Management

Morgan Model Management represents female fashion and commercial models for local bookings and international placements. Agency is based in Toronto.

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  • Jasmine Kassam New face
    Reviewed Jan 11th 2017 Jasmine Kassam
    “Very bad agency! I'm convinced she's running a scam. Lures in models with false promises, continues to build their hopes, sends them for maybe 3 shoots/auditions/jobs per year maximum, and then starts demanding money for more photo sessions. If you don't agree, she then proceeds to ignore you. If you confront her about that politely, she gives you more false promises and then continues to ignore your concerns for another series of months. In over a year and a half with her, I was sent to all of 2 jobs and barely recouped my initial investment to her (of a few hundred dollars, might I add), for her "workshops," which consisted of a couple of hours of "training" that didn't do anything to help further a modeling career, and were certainly not worth upwards of $400. She picks a favourite model to two to send for all the jobs and show up at their shoots and promote them aggressively on her social media as a way to make herself income and build up relationships, as well as to lure in other models. For the past year, she's continued to sign more and more new models while forgetting about her supposedly established ones. This was not only my experience, but the experience of many other models that I met at her agency. My advice to them; do yourself a favour as I did, get out of that scam, and look for a legit agency in Toronto (Elite, B&M, Elmer Olsen, Plutino Group, etc.). Even doing your own freelance work would be more productive than being signed with her, I kid you not. I booked a repeat job the day I quit her agency from a client who was trying to contact her about re-hiring me with no luck. Models in Toronto and the surrounding area, do not go to Morgan Model Management! It will be a huge waste of your time, money, and potential.”
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