Talk of the Town

Aug 19

The “What Is Sexy 2014″ list!


This year’s”What Is Sexy 2014″ list has been finally unveiled by Victoria’s Secret! Who has the sexiest lips? Who is the sexiest mom? Check out them!

Aug 12

From South Africa with (trendy) Love


Would you refuse a trip to South Africa? Of course NOT! Leave all you’re doing right now and come with us on a stylish trip to meet Top Bloggers Julie, Jerri and Carla!

Aug 11

Enrie Scielzo a.k.a. The LadyBoy – The first Androgynous Blogger


We present you the first Androgynous Blogger: Enrie Scielzo! Read on to find out everything about his top notch blog “The Lady Boy”

Aug 6

Candice Huffine made a fashion revolution!


Candice Huffine is a plus-size model who made history few weeks ago. Why? Read on to discover how she prompted modeling revolution!

Aug 4

Another casting success with Eat a Rainbow!


Did you notice our recent casting call for Eat a Rainbow’s video clip? We will show you some pictures from behind the scenes and tell you how amazing the shooting was!

Aug 1

Ruby Rose, a Gender Fluid and Gorgeous Model


Ruby Rose says she is neither a man or a woman, a gender fluid supermodel.. Read on and discover!

Jul 30

Are you the model with the perfect skin?


If you think your skin is perfect and want to join our latest Instagram contest just give it a try! 3 simple steps can give you a big joy.

Jul 29

Katy Perry is UnBRAlievable


If had a Top 100 list of craziest and most creative bra’s in the world, Katy Perry would make our number one spot. Come find out why!?

Jul 29

The fashion spotlight can be a family affair!


Some families have fashion in their blood, a photogenic DNA and hottest bodies. Yes, it’s possible. Let’s discover them!

Jul 25

5 Minutes With…Alluring Model Charlotte Racicot


Charlotte Racicot is a mere 5’3” (160cm). Proving that everything in Texas isn’t always bigger; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t always hotter!

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