Feb 28

(English) The 10 Best Collections From London Fashion Week A/W 2011


(English) Was the new Rapunzel movie ‘Tangled’ the inspiration behind Phoebe English’s creations? Not sure, but we are sure loving each and everyone of those fabulous hairy looking dresses.

Feb 25

(English) Ziad Ghanem Fall 2011 | ‘Never End, Never End, Never End’


(English) “In my restless dreams I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised you would take me there again someday. But you never did. Well, I am alone there. In our special place. Waiting for you.” The popular game ‘Silent Hill’, which has also inspired comics, books, novels and even a film, is part of the inspiration behind Ziad Ghanem’s Fall 2011 collection.

Jan 31

(English) Maiden Burger: The Launch


(English) Fans of uber-cool London based Lebanese couturier Ziad Ghanem are in for a sweet treat as he is launching an exclusive limited edition collection of t-shirts from his iconic Maiden Britain line.

Oct 1

(English) Vive Le Drama! – ‘Mother Russia’ Ziad Ghanem SS 2011


(English) Last season he stunned us at London Fashion Week with a catwalk show full of drama that culminated with Burlesque superstarMiss Immodesty Blaze hypnotizing us all with the sensual wiggle of her hips…

Sep 27

(English) Exclusive Interview – Meet Lady Alex: Main Host, Ring Mistress and Burlesque Star of The Wam Bam Club


(English) Have you heard about the ‘Burlesque revival’? Well, if you haven’t, get on with the programme! Because Burlesque is the hottest thing at the moment, as Burlesque and glamour are definitely back in fashion! Yay! (Any doubts just ask Ziad Ghanem or Jean Paul Gaultier) ;)

Jul 6

Ziad Ghanem en: ‘El Rey y Yo’ – La Realeza Nunca Se Ha Visto Más Sexy!


(English) ‘OMG, OMG, OMG’ were the only words that I was able to muster when I laid eyes
on these fabulous images by Lefteris PR, featuring Ziad Ghanem’s archive couture
pieces, styled by the fantastic Fashion Designer/Stylist Aiden Connor.
The theme: Royalty. The result: Beyond-this-world-amazingness!!!

Jun 30

La Nueva Coleccion De Alta Costura de ZIAD GHANEM!


(English) London’s most fabulous cult couturier Ziad Ghanem has done it again. In ‘Bal des têtes’ – his latest couture collection unveiled today – Ziad Ghanem celebrates the fading art of dressing up and partying in style. Inspired by the lavish and extraordinary parties of the Baron de Redé, Ziad Ghanem brings us again a couture collection that is full of sensual drama and flamboyant silhouettes.

Jun 14

(English) Interview | Meet Music & Fashion Muse: Scarlett Etienne


(English) Want to know who absolutely rules in both the fashion and the music worlds? Well, if you have not
yet heard from her (seriously!?!) meet the world’s most fabulous DJ/Performer/Model/Style icon/Music Producer: Scarlett Etienne!..

Mar 11



(English) Remember the girl who lived under a tree? The human chess piece who wears an incredible dress and has her movements controlled by a robotic voice that commands her to move onto the next position? Remember the ghostly vision of Kate Moss floating away magically, wrapped in hundreds and hundreds of layers of soft rippling fabric and fading away into a bullet of light?

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