Dec 20

Irina’s success story on our New Faces Newsletter


The beautiful and very striking Irina is a 16 years old Ukranian girl, and while her friends are still trying to figure out how to use a eye lash curler, Irina is already working as a model in singapore far from her native country.

Dec 17

Fashion Has Gone Burlesque!


After this week’s premiere of ‘Burlesque’ the movie in London, the fashion capital seems to have contracted a serious case of Burlesque-itis! Not only are burlesque shows the
talk of the town, as well as the choice of entertainment with companies choosing to celebrate their Christmas parties at burlesque shows but also fashion now seems to
have caught up with the burlesque revival.

Dec 16

Exclusive Interview with GQ’s Male Model of the Year: Antonio Navas!!


When Antonio Navas was handing out flyers on la Rambla in Barcelona 2 years ago he was approached by a New York photographer asking him if he would please come join him and his colleagues for a drink, to talk about the possibility of Antonio to go to New York and sign with a model agency there. ..

Dec 15

Long Live McQueen | The Latest Tributes To The Designer


Not even a year has passed after the sudden death of one of the greatest fashion designers Alexander McQueen and the tributes continue to unfold from people from all over the creative fields who; inspired by the beauty of his iconic creations, continue to pay their respects for the loss of a fashion history icon.

Dec 14



In November of this year GARNIER decided to reach a wider audience by creating an Online contest and the result was a huge success! Last month a total of1,913 applicants uploaded their pictures and casted their vote.

Dec 13

1 Million Differences


As the Christmas season barrels unrelentingly upon us, the amount of perfume advertisements seems to grow exponentially. On television, in magazines and around our cities, the push to smell divine becomes more of a shove. Buying a slice of the designer lifestyle seems to attract and assuage our deepest needs. In our rush to conceal our true bodily smells and be recognized as a hip member of the fashion smell tribe, do we ever stop to think about what exactly is being sold to us?

Dec 10

10 Great Photography Tips | By Fashion Photographer Miro Arva


Miro Arva is one of our Featured Photographers here at Based in London, Miro is one of the fresh talents to emerge from the fashion capital.
Things have been getting really exciting chez Miro recently, as this week he was busy at work shooting no other than Supermodel Naomi Cambell!

Dec 9

Swedish Fashion | In Conversation With Fashion Designer Josefin Strid


Josefin Strid is one of the rising stars emerging from the fabulous fashion hub that is Sweden. Based on experimental tailoring, Josefin Strid uses fashion as a medium of
self-expression, often combining fashion with art and taking inspiration from various subjects such as film, books, travels and nature.

Dec 8

Laurence Steyt winner of the Weekend Photo Award in 2010 – From The Desk Of Production Paradise


Laurence Steyt decided to study photography at the age of 16. Since the very beginning she was drawn to fashion photography; the elegance, sensuality, movement, and ever-changing styles and ideas contained in magazine pictures were a big appeal.

Dec 7

Paco Peregrín shooting for international advertising campaigns – From The Desk of Production Paradise


Paco Peregrín has been shooting for editorial clients and international advertising campaigns in Milan, New York, Mexico City and Madrid.

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