Jun 17

Veiled Beauty | The Veil Is Back In Fashion


Nevermind the Reiss dresses! The most iconic trend that Kate brought back is one which from now on will no longer be a question of if with or without for every bride: The veil.

Jun 16

JANIRE– Spotted for our NEWFACES Newsletter


Check out Janire our new face of the April 2011 NEWFACES Newsletter! Do you want the exclusive benefit of viewing our discovered NEWFACES models first? If so, get in touch and we’ll tell you how!

Jun 15

Genderless Beauty | Rise: Andrej Pejic


The times when we used to define people by gender – a he or a she – are over. Enter the new era. The era of genderless beauty. Fashion – just like art – is a reflection of society and of the times; as such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest modelling sensation is one that possesses a kind of beauty of such magnitude, that it surpasses gender definitions.

Jun 14

Combed to Perfection: Top Hair Beauty For Summer 2011


Summer is finally here. And what a better moment to get in the know about the hottest Summer hair trends. So I decided to take a closer look at the key hairstyles for Summer 2011, so that you don’t have to!

Jun 10

Seeing Beauty | Fashion Vs Nature


Most fashion lovers see beauty when they look at the wonderful creations that fashion designers put on the catwalk each season, but no one sees beauty the way Jill Sherman sees it. The fabulous girl behind Trend De La Crème has the most incredible eye for detail and her ability to match catwalk pieces with natural phenomena is simply mind blowing!

Jun 8

Catwalk Beauty | Top 10 Make-Up And Beauty Trends For 2011


Pah to the colourful pants trend! A wiser, cheaper and savvier way to be bang on trend with the bright colour craze this season is – instead of blowing all your pay check on those bright coloured pants which will most definitely be so last season come Fall – to opt for updating your wardrobe by adding a splash of colour with some pretty make-up, nail polish and -believe it or not- hair paint instead!

Jun 7

City Hippie Shake Shake!


I’m really feeling the hippie look of this Spring/Summer! So knowing myself and my eternal desire to educate myself, I started to read up on the whole hippie culture. Interesting… But what remains evident is that even if today it tends to be much about the fashion, it definitely wasn’t only about that in the past…

Jun 6

Beauty in the Unusual


Over the course of human history, the concept of beauty has transformed, adapting to the times. The human body has always been a source of curiosity and inspiration. Just step inside practically any museum and get a good look at the first nudes in paintings. The women reclining languidly are usually surrounded by food and sumptuous fabrics and would be considered positively overweight by today’s extreme standards. Yet these paintings are beautiful. Who decides what is beautiful? History has thrown some very strange features into the spotlight, making women go wild to attain these ridiculous ideals.

Jun 3

Like A Painting | Photography Inspired By Paintings


Some of the most stunning works of art in the world of photography are those inspired by paintings.
Be that emulating beautiful art from periods such as the Renaissance or the splendor of Rococo; or taking inspiration from the details of a divine piece of couture and experimenting with 3d Modeling + Digital Painting – the results of painting inspired photography are always mesmerizing.

Jun 2

NADYA – Spotted for our NEWFACES Newsletter, April 2011


Check out Nadya our new face of the April 2011 NEWFACES Newsletter! Do you want the exclusive benefit of viewing our discovered NEWFACES models first? If so, get in touch and we’ll tell you how!

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