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Born in Venezuela, Séneca is an external financial director for SMEs. She has lived in Barcelona for seven years, but at seventeen she moved to Europe and has also lived in Ireland, England and Germany. Intelligent, passionate and above all, a fighter, she has been pursuing for her great professional dream in the world of finance for two years with the creation of her first company.

How did you get interested in creating your own company?

After working in different companies, I felt that I had not quite found my place. My parents were always very conservative on a professional level, very hard-working people… but are not a family of entrepreneurs or businessmen. I have studied a lot and my plan was always to work in a multinational company and have a long professional career there. I think it’s good to work in a multinational at the beginning of your career and for a while, because you can learn how a company is structured. After this experience, I believe that the secret lies in transferring the knowledge acquired in big companies to the small ones, who can be your client.

After I finished my studies, I worked in a consulting company and I liked it a lot, but I realized that it was not quite my thing. Later I worked in other companies, of all kinds, big and small companies, but I kept feeling that I was not in the place that I really wanted to be. So, I was bold enough and I started to work as a freelancer after a long time meditating whether to dare to do it. The secret is to go for it with all your strength.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

What was that impasse like?

I dared to leave the company I worked for after consolidating my first client. I wasn’t making a lot of money, but it did give me enough confidence to start my own project. A month after quitting the job, the pandemic hit our lives… but even this and the difficult times, I never regretted the decision.

At the beginning, I did not imagine how difficult the path would be. It has been a difficult and sacrificed journey. It is also a lonely road. But I do not regret. Currently I am very happy, and everything is getting better and better.

What is your company about?

I give financial support to companies. Create and analyze budgets, how companies close financially annually, plan the strategy for the next year… I help companies in the search for financing, consolidation and make reports that show business health, cashflow…

For the last four months, I have also been recording training courses on YouTube and it is something that I am passionate about. I love teaching and communicating, and I want to dedicate more time to their creation. Finance courses help people who have created a business to manage and understand it. I had a hard time putting myself out there at first, but I feel like I’ve improved a lot since then. As a businesswoman, videos offer confidence and show my personality and knowledge to clients.

Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

How much time do you dedicate to your company?

A lot. At the beginning I spent practically all my time at work, having very little time for enjoyment. Little by little I am understanding that I also must have time to enjoy, quality time for myself. I have had to force myself a little to lower my self-demand, have more patience and take care of myself and my time a little more. I dedicate all my effort to my business, but I also must live the moment, have fun and enjoy the free time…

What are the advantages of being your own boss?

Freedom. It is true that I work a lot, but I know that I also add much more value to my work than working in a big company, where I feel that I am only a small part of the gear and therefore the value that I can contribute is much less. Now, being my own boss, I decide how much dedication and how much value I want to give to a project… And of course, the other advantage is my time management. Recently, being autonomous allowed me to travel to Venezuela to spend three months accompanying my father before his death… I can also live wherever I want. I wanted to live near the beach, and I have achieved it by moving to Lloret de Mar, where I have a much lower rent than in Barcelona, ​​which allows me to save and invest more money to my company.

What is the most complicated thing?

Loneliness and responsibility, it is all on me. Also, not being able to go on vacation or being afraid of getting sick, because if I’m not working there is no one who can do the job… The next step I want to achieve is to start having a team and delegate functions.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

When your father dies, just during the process of creating your first company… What was your management to move forward?

Obviously, that event changed me and my live forever. I used to live thinking about productivity above all else, in an obsessive way, I would say. At that time, I also had a very exhausting client and I decided to cancel the client so that I could focus on my father, because I couldn’t do both things, taking care of the client and my father, at the same time. When he passed away and I returned to Barcelona, ​​I was determined to be the same ultra-productive Séneca as before, but I couldn’t. My body didn’t allow me to be that productive because I just wasn’t the same person I used to be. This whole process made me Séneca 2.0.

I learned to relativize time. If I have a goal, I will achieve it, I am sure, but I’ve learnt that it doesn’t have to be immediately. I am learning to take it easy and give myself space to heal. If you are OK, believe me, clients begin to arrive. You must be in good mental condition to accept projects and be good at it.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business? 

I would recommend doing it little by little. My process was slow, it took me a year, from when I first thought about it to when I made it happen. It is also important to be aware that it will be a learning and a continuous improvement. No matter how many studies, how many degrees I had, when I started my new business, I didn’t know many things, I had to learn a lot. At first you won’t have very good clients, but you won’t be either the best at your field and you’ll make mistakes, but you’ll learn, and you’ll be a little better every day. It’s also good that it’s a slow process, your head needs that time to be able to assimilate everything you’re doing and the changes you’re facing.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

Your relationship with also started as a business relationship…

That’s how it is! I first contacted through LinkedIn. I have done a lot of networking through social media, and I contacted to offer them my services as CFO. Finally, an opportunity arose, and we began a professional relationship after meeting Andreas.

How did your photo shoot come about?

The first time I met Andreas, it was as if we had known each other forever, we liked each other so much… When he proposed me to do a photo shoot, I thought it was a great idea and, also, I could use the professional images for my own website. It was perfect.

seneca_modelmanagementPhotographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

Have you modeled before?

Never! I must admit that at first, it was a bit difficult for me. I was a little embarrassed because I had never modeled and for me it was something new and the truth is that before the shooting. However, the reality is that there were five hours of session that flew by. Andreas made me explore and bring out different Sénecas that I’m not normally use to in my day-to-day life. Normally I am the professional Séneca and the truth is that there are many more. It was very special to remember them and to externalize different parts of myself.

What advice did Andreas give you?

It was very funny because Andreas quickly realized how controlling I can be with myself. I was so surprised that he saw it so quickly. But little by little I took the pressure and nerves off me… He helped me imagine scenes, to put myself in a situation, to focus on the moment, and I began to feel more and more comfortable, and it was a wonderful experience. Working with Andreas is incredible, he makes you feel calm, self-confident, and authentic. I loved it and I am so grateful for the time we shared together. 


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Séneca Noguera

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