Oct 23

Natalia Oliveira, aged 25 and shot in Madrid by modelmanagement.com


This is the super cool Natalia, who participated in one of our Madrid photo sessions. She’s in the capable hands of Group models and we feel that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Jun 29

Yasmin Avalo, one of Group Models new faces


When Yasmin came into the studio I thought I recognized that special face of hers. I was under the impression I had seen her in some fashion show, or a magazine cover. When I heard her accent I suddenly realized. This girl appeared in Supermodel and she was one of my favourites. After having a […]

May 21

Eduardo Lupo, one of Group´s new faces


Cute, young and very sympathetic are the characteristics that define Eduardo Lupo. Far away from the idea of a distant and egocentric model, Eduardo speaks naturally about his life as a model, his worries, his experiences and his wishes for the future. Eduardo: I’ve always done theatre. For the last two years I have been […]

Apr 17

The other side of the lense: My day at a Model Management Scouting Photo Session


I was recently invited to a Model Management photo shooting session, an offer I was more then enthusiastic to accept. Despite having attended many different types of photo shoots in my career, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, I was very interested to see how the sessions worked.

Mar 27

You need a plan B – Life as an International model


New Independence I worked as a model for 18 years, and like many models I worked for agencies and clients all over the world. Coming from a small town in Germany, I started modeling at the age of 19. For a young girl, the main reason to go for it, to quit studies and leave […]

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