Apr 9

Anja Rubik, Polish supermodel discovered in a modeling contest!


Anja Rubik has been one of the top super models since 2005. Did you know she was scouted in a modeling contest like Fresh Faces?

Jun 11

Make-up or no make-up? This is the question.


It is not news that when used well, make-up is a woman’s best friend. All of us like to look good, we all like our skin to look even under sunlight, and we all love our fierce smoky eye. But what happens when the foundation, the eye-shadow and the rouge lipstick come OFF?

Jun 6

Models Vs Celebrities: The Fashion Battle


Models are being almost knocked-out of print works and it seems there is only space for celebs. But why is that?

May 25

Models & Modeling competitions: The way to get to the TOP!


Modelmanagement.com goes over some of the most famous models of the industry who made it to the top thanks to their participation in model competitions…

Mar 11

The 10 Best Collections From Paris Fashion Week A/W 2011


Au contraire of the grand spectacle that we are all accustomed to seeing at John Galliano, only 20 looks were presented in a salon on Avenue Foch. Despite that Galliano’s pieces were amazing. Dresses worthy of a museum collection and pieces that remind us of Galliano, the
great master seducer.

Aug 18

I Want Candy! Sweet Fashion That Is..


Sweet, colourful candybars and lollipops are often used as an inspiration for hair, make-up and clothes. In the Sixties, mini dresses with their square, round, or fluid movement prints already gave off a candy association, but the creatives of our time have really used their sweetest dreams to get to the following outcome.

Apr 16

SOCKS AND THE CITY! style inspiration for boys and girls


One of the trends that has been brewing for a while now and that I am totally diggin’ is the socks trend. Ever since Carrie appeared wearing those fab over knee socks in S&TC…followed by the fab Alexa Chung who dons them fabulously too…socks have been featuring more and more in the fashion scene and this season even more so, they are all over the catwalk:

Feb 12



Tehee! There’s never been a worse time to be a celebrity, as one of the
most iconic fashion designers, the fabulous Marc Jacobs, (also the designer of Louis Vuitton) is having them banned from his shows. I know! LOL

Dec 17

‘BY THEIR TATTOOS YE SHALL KNOW THEM’ – Designer tattoos are the latest fashion accessory.


Top supermodels like Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Amber Smith, Carre Otis, Amy Wesson among many others, are well known for sporting one or more tattoos on their bodies, which they use to express themselves and that – let me tell you mum – has not prevented them at all from having a successful career.

Dec 3

Apt Pupil: Life Between the Catwalk and the School Bench


I’d say the best thing is to make a plan. Ask yourself, when do you want to finish your studies? How much do you want to travel as a model? Plus, when you are working as a model you should be prepared to wait all the time, so while you wait, why not utilize that time for reading and studying, and educating yourself.

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